Welcome to the Wensley Music Studio,  Where Music is Born!

Wensley Music Studio offers private instruction in both traditional and Suzuki methods for piano students in Saskatoon, Canada.  Lessons are tailored to the individual goals and needs of students, in a fun and family-friendly environment.  Learning piano takes work; what we guarantee are lessons that teach focus and concentration, and that (like everything in life) hard work leads to success in music.
At the Wensley Music Studio, there is focus on pedagogically sound teaching that guarantees quality lessons and a solid, comprehensive music foundation of piano, theory, and music history.  Students are not only taught how to play the piano, but (on a deeper level) to appreciate music, and to truly love and enjoy music for the rest of their lives.

"Noreen Wensley has been my daughter’s piano teacher for six years, during which time Sophia’s confidence has increased immeasurably.  Thanks to participation in music festivals and RCM exams, I feel that the rigor that comes with this facet of piano lessons is beneficial to her development of self-discipline.  Noreen incorporates humour, encouragement, and high expectations into every lesson.  She is also accompanying Sophia in a festival duet this year.  I call this going above and beyond.  
The frequent articles and invitations to the Arts performances in the city also deepen Sophia’s knowledge and appreciation of this fine instrument.  Noreen also incorporates technology into her lessons (metranome apps, researching composers, writing music, the list goes on) and is current with effective teaching strategies.  It is evident that she holds a wealth of knowledge about the history of music and all that goes with it.  This is taught to Sophia as well and just nurtures that curiosity in music.   Her belief in Sophia always touches my heart and quite often I have a tear or two while I am watching these magical and rigorous lessons unfold.  Every lesson that I see is like a mini vacation and performance wrapped into one." 

C.L. Hayden
A thankful mother
"The mastery of my daughter's teacher shows through in every lesson.  She keeps her fully engaged and interested, with time-tested skills and strategies for every level of piano.  This translates into more enthusiasm to practice for lessons, a bonus for me."
Janice Braden
"Being a Registered Music Teacher has put me on the cutting edge of teaching, helping me become the best I can be.  Through continuing education, my musical knowledge is constantly renewed by the Saskatoon Registered Music Teachers' Association, benefitting my students greatly.  Students can also benefit through participation in Music Festivals, recitals, piano examinations, scholarships, Suzuki piano teacher training, and becoming involved in musical events all around Saskatoon."
Noreen Wensley, ARCT RMT
Registered Music Teacher
Wensley Music Studio